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Karin is an average girlat best. Alternative, Little Goddess Karin ; Kami- chama Karin ; かみちゃまかりん Type, Japanese Manga - Read from right to left. Kamichama Karin. かみちゃまかりん / Kami-chama Karin / Little Goddess Karin. Rank: 18751st, it has  Manga News · Manga Topics · New Manga · ACG Topics · HOME · HOT · GENRES. Kamichama Karin. Author(s): KOGE Donbo.

Kamichama karin manga

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Not only are her parents dead, but her beloved cat, Shii-chan, just died, and on top of all of that, she gets terrible grades in school. Little does she know that, thanks to a ring that was … 2002-11-02 · Kamichama Karin is probably one of the cutest manga ever. Whenever I read it, I went "oh my, how kawaii!!!". The strength of this manga is, obviously, the cuteness of the character design.

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Förlag, Egmont Manga. Översättare, Wissnet Shanel, Josef Matthias.

Kamichama karin manga

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Kamichama karin manga

Kamichama Karin (かみちゃまかりん, literally Mini-goddess Karin) is a Japanese manga originally written by Koge-Donbo about a seventh grade girl named Karin who finds out that she can transform into a goddess.

The once simplistic and empty panels seem to have become more decorated and orientated; characters are more vivid and the reacti Volume 4 opens up on a more serious note, with questions around Karin's ring. Karin Hanazono’s life isn’t easy; she’s an orphan, her grades are poor, she’s terrible at sports and in general, she is miserable. After the death of her precious pet, Karin met a strange boy named Kazune Kujyou – an encounter which changed her life forever. For Karin, as she then discovers, is a goddess! Now, with the help of Kazune and his cousin Himeka, Karin Kamichama Karin Her parents and beloved cat, Shi-chan recently died, she's getting horrible grades and is forced to live with her aunt. One day, Karin meets a young, orphaned, 7th grade boy named Kujyou Kazune, and discovers that her mother's ring has the power to transform her into a goddess. Anime/Manga: Kamichama Karin fanfiction archive with over 933 stories.
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Kamichama karin manga

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It’s not easy to be a goddess I'm sentimentally attached to it because I read it when I was a young kid/preteen. That being said, Kamichama Karin is a standard magical girl manga.
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Inu Yasha, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa, Fruits basket, kamichama Karin och några till som jag inte orkar skriva upp. Jag tecknar själv manga  Sommaren 2011 upphörde man dock med sin utgivning av manga i USA, och licenserna återgick till ägarna. En likvidering och utförsäljning av lager följde.